Send a Card to the Troops

A group of US Marines in Haditha, Iraq.
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What a great idea Xerox has come up with! They have put together a cool little site ( where you can make and send a thank you card to our troops serving in Iraq. Although you cannot choose the Soldier who receives the card, you can relay a special, personalized “Thank You” to one of the many men and women serving in our US Armed Forces. I hope everyone will take a moment to look over the site. There couldn’t be a more appropriate time to lift someone’s spirits who may find it even harder to be away from home this time of the year!

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Not much more to add to that, right?  Many of you have already done some early voting.  For everyone else I hope you will get out there and exercise your right!

Not sure where to vote?  No worries, check out Google’s 2008 Voter Map to see your closest polling location.

Need to find out if you are registered to vote? Try which will take you to the registration rolls for your county. Once you enter some required information, the database will give you details on your current voter status, registered political party, your registered name and address at the polling location, and your district information.

Off and running…

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