Today’s Favorite Sites

Tweetree – If you communicate a lot on twitter, you will love Tweetree

Guru – Freelancing is the way to go in these uncertain times. Guru has some great talent on it. Find a freelancer or spotlight your gifts!

TinyURL– Another great tool for Twitter users or anyone with limited space who needs to shorten long URLs to fit into small spaces.

Template Monster and Vineyard Designs can help get your website up and running with their many templates.

Hope you will check em all out!


I happened upon a great site today and I just had to share.

Jobvana is a newly developed Social Networking site for freelancers, the self employed, and those who are seeking a variety of services. Jobvana takes ts name from the word nirvana and in THIS economy, who wouldn’t enjoy a little freedom from worry or pain?

I love the idea and although the site is in its infancy, there is already a large following. Jobvana is very user friendly and I was able to put up a profile in minutes. The services offered include just bout everything from Web Designers to Carpet Installers and the best part…IT’S FREE TO JOIN. We love FREE!

I hope everyone will check it out and get some profiles up. I have already started to research a logo designer and a web designer. Who knows what i might need next week! =)

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